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Hello, I'm Edgar Saenz, currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Sports Broadcasting at Texas Christian University, with an expected graduation in December 2023. My journey in media began in Nicaragua, where I served as a Sports Broadcaster and Content Creator for Channel 23. From engaging in dynamic debates on national sports segments to amplifying channel ratings through social media management, I've honed my skills in live coverage and content creation.

At TCU, I've been deeply involved in media as a Director, Producer, Anchor, and Reporter for TCU Media and TCU Sports Broadcasting. My contributions to TCU NewsNow and live game productions for ESPN+ have showcased my commitment to high-quality journalism and production.

I've also ventured into digital marketing as a Content Creator at The Marketing Jersey, where I played a key role in refining the agency's digital strategy and collaborating with players to craft compelling content for negotiations with professional teams.

My achievements include earning the 3rd Place Award for Journalism Excellence from the Texas Intercollegiate Press Association, and serving as President of NAHJ at TCU, actively growing our membership and fostering engagement through guest speaker conferences and social activities.

I'm passionate about leveraging my journalism and broadcasting skills to make a meaningful impact in media and sports, and I'm excited about the opportunities ahead post-graduation.

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